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Student Placements

Mentoring the Leaders of Tomorrow

Southwestern Healthcare, Inc. is dedicated to providing learning and training opportunities for students in various professional studies. Southwestern Healthcare, Inc. offers student placements to students who are attending an accredited school and a program that provides education relevant to Southwestern Healthcare, Inc. placement.


Typically, a student placement will be a 10-15 week duration (usually a full semester) and will give the student direct hands-on interaction in the field of their study. Students may be included in meetings, events and projects that allow them to learn, experience and interact in real world, day-to-day job duties that they would expect to encounter in a work environment. A student placement is rewarding for both the student and the mentor. This partnership allows the mentor to provide the student with knowledge and understanding of the career they are seeking that is often not found in a classroom setting. For the mentor, working with a student allows them to learn new, creative and modern ways of doing business to stay current with the demands of today’s workforce.

Connect With Us

For more information on a student placement, contact us at:

Human Resources

Southwestern Healthcare, Inc.

415 Mulberry Street

Evansville, IN 47713


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